Bushnell Gardens Nursery

Beautiful vivid colored birds!

Beautiful vivid colored birds!

Peach Cheeked Love Birds at Bushnell Gardens Nursery

Peach Cheeked Love Birds at Bushnell Gardens Nursery

I have decided to blog about Nurseries and Garden Centers.  My husband and I are both gardening enthusiasts and he is a CCNPRO – California Certified Nursery Professional.  We love to go on road trips and when we do we almost always find a nursery that we have never been to and we absolutely must stop and check it out.  I’m sure you’ve seen those bumper stickers that say “WARNING – I stop for all yard sales”, well, I’ve decided that our bumper should have a sticker that says “Warning, stops for photo ops and nursery garden centers.” 

 So, I’m going to start right now with a Nursery we went to in Granite Bay, California – Bushnell Gardens Nursery  http://www.bushnellgardens.com/ .  There was a rose show there  put on by the Sierra Foothills Rose Society http://www.sactorose.org/sierrafoothillsrosesociety/

It was fabulous to see hundreds of cut roses and arrangements and even rose photographs.  You could wander down an aisle of roses in vases and then check out some of Bushnell’s plants and garden art as you round the corner to the next row of tables with cut roses.  As you stroll you can hear the Peach Faced Love Birds singing while at the same time being soothed by the sound of bubbling fountains.  Inside the gift center you could find the winning rose photographs on display amid all the wonderful gift items.

Ok, I will come clean; I did enter some of my rose photographs in this competition.  I am very proud to have gotten a first place and a best of show!  Enough about me though.

 Bushnell’s has just about any kind of plant you could want.  They have great signs all along the meandering pathways to guide you to what you are looking.  Yes, the Peach Faced Love Birds are even for sale and quite reasonably priced.  There are other birds there too in another aviary but those are just for enjoyment and not for sale.  There are roosters roaming around too.  In fact there are 3 roosters who roam around together and they are named Curly, Moe, and Larry (after the 3 stooges).  I meant to ask Rich or Sarah how many acres the property is.  It is large and beautiful and such a joy to stroll through.  They have lots of succulents (one of my favs) and a great assortment of Elms, bedding plants, shade plants, roses, pottery and fountains, tropical plants, even some hard to find plants.  They really have just about anything.  We really liked the Chinese Banana Plant but just don’t have any room for it in our yard.  Hmmmm, wonder what we can omit to make room for it?

 If you live anywhere in or around the Greater Sacramento California area then you must check out Bushnell Gardens Nursery.  If you are going to be passing through the area then allow time to stop there, you won’t regret it!!  Visit their website and you can sign up for their newsletter http://www.bushnellgardens.com/

 Happy Gardening,

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